Dangerzone Productions

Welcome to the Dangerzone Productions - Robin Moore information website!

Audio Recording

RECORDING services include: 

  • studio recording -  full length album, extended play (EP) and single music projects, audio for video recording - (at a recommended professional commercial studio in your area)
  • remote on-location concert/event recordingsstate-of-the-art microphones and recording equipment provided
  • recording on location in a musician's personal project studio or rehearsal space - which may be the musician's most comfortable environment for creativity - portable acoustic treatment available and state-of-the-art microphones and recording equipment provided


Audio Editing & Restoration

EDITING services include:

  • Digital splicing, rearranging and removal of unwanted audio
  • Sound restoration, removal of noise, distortion and unwanted artifacts
  • Digital effects processing - inserting room ambience (reverb), delay, special effects, pitch shifting, etc. 


Audio Mixing

  • Multiple track mixing to stereo (2 track) or mono (1 track) in "The Zone", Dangerzone's custom designed post production studio with state-of-the-art digital and analog processors - See equipment list. 


Audio Mastering

  • Final "audio polish" added to your mix using editing and processing techniques to make the audio appropriate for playback on a variety of common systems used to replay the style of the audio content, (eg.  home stereo, car stereo, headphones, nightclub systems)
  • Optimization for digital master creation for cd duplication, replication and digital file duplication  


Original Song Composition & Remix Production

  • Specializing in Dance Music (Up and Down Tempo) using MIDI electronic and non-midi acoustic and electric instrumentation, working with a network of highly skilled professional musicians


Keyboard Performance for Production

  • Work for hire keyboard performance for client's recording projects


MIDI Sequencing

  • MIDI sequencing recording and editing for non technical musicians and audio engineers without MIDI sequencing "chops"


DJ Mixing (Soulful, Deep House Music)

  • Available for club DJ gigs, private events and radio mixshows
  • Pre-produced dj mix recordings